Corporate Officers

  • David Wolf, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Francesco Fragasso, Chief Financial Officer
  • Justin Jaundoo, Vice President Corporate Development

Senior Management

  • Brett Fulton, Senior Vice President and General Manager
  • Joel Lopez, President of Embryotech Laboratories
  • Julia Heinzmann, Managing Director of Gynemed GmbH & Co. KG
  • Adrian Fuller, Managing Director of Planer Limited
  • Kamilla Boserup, Managing Director, IVFtech


  • Karen Firestone, Director and Chair of Audit Committee
  • Feng Han, Director and Chair of Compensation Committee
  • Bruno Maruzzo, Director and Member of Audit Committee and Nominating and Governance Committee
  • Robert J. Potter, Lead Independent Director, Chair of Nominating and Governance Committee and Member of Compensation Committee
  • Marc Robinson, Director and Member of Audit Committee 
  • David Sable, Director and Member of Compensation Committee
  • Daniel K. Thorne, Director and Member of Nominating and GovernanceCommittee
  • David Wolf, Chairman, Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Meg Spencer, Chairman Emeritius
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Charters / Policies

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Audit Committee Charter.pdf)Audit Committee Charter.pdfAudit Committee Charter88 kB
Download this file (Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.pdf)Code of Business Conducts and EthicsCode of Business Conducts and Ethics157 kB
Download this file (Compensation Committee Charter.pdf)Compensation Committee Charter.pdfCompensation Committee Charter72 kB
Download this file (HTL - Insider Trading and Tipping Policy.pdf)Insider Trading and Tipping Policy Insider Trading and Tipping Policy 161 kB
Download this file (HTL - Nominating and Governance Committee Charter  Adopted 01-14-22.pdf)Nominating and Governance Committee CharterNominating and Governance Committee Charter182 kB
Download this file (HTL Director Stock Ownership Policy.pdf)Director Stock Ownership PolicyDirector Stock Ownership Policy139 kB

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