November 17, 2010: Meg Spencer, CEO, was recently interviewed by Omar Ford of Medical Device Daily regarding the discovery by McMaster University.

In the wake of McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) researchers discovering a method to turn human skin into blood cells a huge spotlight is shining on regenerative medicine and med-tech firms that have applications in the market.

The team created blood progenitor cells, which are the mother cells that multiply to produce other blood cells, as well as mature blood cells.

Their research was published in the journal Nature on Nov. 7. Researchers found that a patch of skin the size of a fingernail could one day create enough blood for a total
blood transfusion.

“The extraordinary advance made at McMaster University promises to open the entire regenerative medical research market to thousands of additional researchers and
therapeutic companies,” Meg Spencer, CEO of Hamilton Thorne (Beverly, Massachusetts) told Medical Device Daily.

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