About Us


Hamilton Thorne is a leading global provider of precision instruments, laboratory equipment, consumables, software and services to the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), research, and cell biology markets. With groundbreaking research, innovative product development, and our own manufacturing of the highest quality products, we help In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) clinics, commercial and university research centers, animal breeding facilities, and biotechnology companies, world-wide reduce cost, increase productivity, improve results, and create scientific breakthroughs. We market our products and services under the Hamilton Thorne, Gynemed, Planer, Tek-Event, IVFtech, Microptic, Gynetics, and Embryotech Laboratories brands, through our growing sales force and worldwide distribution network supporting over 75 countries. We are committed to improving fertility results by delivering the most innovative ART products and we are proud of the part we have played in helping millions of families fulfill their dreams of having a baby.


Over thirty years ago, we started as a small business serving the animal breeding market and began our vision for providing the most innovative tools for the fertility industry. As In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) moved from an experimental procedure to a mainstream treatment for human infertility, we expanded as well.

Commencing in 2015, we began accelerating our growth by completing the acquisition of the OosightTM product line from Perkin Elmer (2015), Embryotech Laboratories (2016), Gynemed & Co GmbH (2017), ZANDAIR (2018), Planer Ltd. (2019), Tek-Event (2021), IVFTech ApS (2021), Microptic (2022), and Gynetics (2023).

As we have expanded to become a rapidly growing business, we remain focused on our customers and committed to creating products and services that support improved outcomes and scientific breakthroughs in their field.

Today, while our primary focus is serving laboratories in the Assisted Reproductive Technologies field, our products and services are provided to a diverse customer base from in vitro fertilization clinics and pharmaceutical companies to animal research facilities and academic establishments worldwide.


To improve fertility results by delivering the most innovative Assisted Reproductive Technologies products and services to the human clinical, animal breeding and related research markets.

Building Quality and Trust

At Hamilton Thorne we focus on quality and safety to build trust in our products. Rigorous internal quality auditing maintains the highest level of production and quality control standards. We follow strict ISO guidelines and comply with applicable regulations to ensure reliability in every product. We believe in creating Innovations to Rely On.